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About Christine Conrad Cazes

Christine Conrad Cazes lives and works as a teacher in Thornwood, New York. Thirty years ago, she traveled to Westchester County, New York to teach students English Literature. Today, she works as a certified Literacy Specialist teaching children ages 5 to 10 reading and writing strategies. Born and raised in St. Mary's, Pennsylvania, she always enjoyed the creative art of storytelling and writing.


Christine continues to share her stories with students, family, and friends who have become her source of inspiration. Her first children's book, PUNKIN, received the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award in the category of Children's Interest. PUNKIN celebrates the cycle of life in the eastern orchard of Westorchid. GEM'S GIFT, the second book of her Westorchid series, won the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award by capturing the first year of a young squirrel's life. SHE NEVER ASKED FOR WINGS is the third Westorchid book featuring a family of swans who turn hardships into miracles. This book received the Pinnacle Book Award for children's inspiration. Her fourth book, The Caribou King, embraces the idea of hope. When faced with personal dilemmas or natural disasters, this story stresses the need to hold onto the hope that tomorrow will be better.





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